Bananas was a short-lived (only 4 issues) French comics magazine that published works by Baudoin, Milton Caniff, Xavier Mussat, Charles Schulz, a few others and... Fabice Neaud.


Bananas n°1

Short story 5 pages
Winter 1995
« De petites choses »


Bananas n°2

Short story 6 pages
Spring 1995
« Mercredi 16 février 94 »

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Bananas n°3

Short story 2 pages
Summer 1995
« Credo »

In these two pages explains why he chose to relate his own life in his comics, however criticised he may be for this.

An English translation of this short story is available in the 'Extracts' page


Bananas n°4

Short story 6 pages
Fall 1995
« Du crime (1) »


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