A few references


'The Comics Journal', devoted 4 pages to Fabrice Neaud (issue # 241, March 2002), in the section 'Euro Comics for beginners' : 'Fabrice Neaud: Rewriting Our Standards', by Bart Beaty.

'Artistes de bande dessinée' is a book, edited by Thierry Groensteen, comprising interviews of the following comics artists: Fabrice Neaud, Alex Barbier, Edmond Baudoin, Pierre Duba, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Vincent Vanoli, Frédéric Boilet and Vincent Fortemps.

In its March 2021 issue, the magazine European Comic Art published a very interesting exchange between Fabrice Neaud and Jean-Christophe Menu: Autobiography: An autopsy.


A few interesting weblinks

My blog, Comics, French side, about French-speaking comics which could interest English-speaking readers and about the way some American comics can be appreciated in France.

On the Comics Journal website, a long and interesting interview of Fabrice Neaud, from january 2010.

du9 - L'autre Bande Dessinée

This website is arguably the best French site about international alternative comics. Some of its content is translated into English.

Edmond Baudoin's official website, another very important French author, unfortunately not yet translated into English.


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