Illustrations for a regional magazine, Actualité Poitou-Charentes


Fabrice Neaud drew for a regional magazine, Actualité Poitou-Charentes, a few portraits of artists and intellectuals: We have here, from left to right the portraits of Michel Foucault (3 portraits), Simenon, Daniel Reynaud, Maurice Fombeure, Émile Prudent and Jean Rousselot.


Fabrice Neaud illustrated as well a paper about the architectural style called "Style angevin".

These images are © Actualité Poitou-Charentes

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Other illustrations


Fabrice Neaud drew the leader for the 2003 edition of the comics convention Quai des bulles of Saint-Malo.

In Processus, Christophe Bec's website, we can find a portrait of Christophe Bec and Richard Marazano, the authors of the serial 'Zéro absolu', by Fabrice Neaud.


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